Ovegna F4: Bluetooth FM Transmitter, Hands-Free Car Kit, Bluetooth MP3 Player, Wireless Radio Adapter, Cigarette Lighter Charger, 1* USB 3.1A, 1* USB 1.0, 1* USB C, 7 Ambient Colors

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✅ ORDER: Processed and sent from France. Follow-up and telephone support.
✅ HANDS-FREE CALL: With the bluetooth hands-free kit, you can easily answer, reject or redial phone calls through the hands-free function. Optimize your safety in the car and answer your calls without having your phone in your hand.
✅ TRANSMITTER: Bluetooth 5.0 allows you to transmit your stereo music via the FM signal or with a USB key. Thanks to the CVC technology of the F4 transmitter, all unwanted noise will be suppressed providing optimal sound quality, signal stability, protection against interference, intelligent noise reduction and clearer calls. Ideal for cars that do not have a bluetooth connection or an AUX socket
✅ MEDIAS: A 1.0A USB port with a music icon allows you to play your MP3 player or USB flash drive. A 3.1A USB port and a USB C port allow you to fully charge your smartphone or other devices. The F4 transmitter supports 2 devices simultaneously with overload and overcurrent protection. Enjoy streaming your car stereo music while charging your devices.
✅ BACKLIGHT: The backlight function gives you a better atmosphere and use during your night travels. A palette of 7 colors is offered: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Light Blue, White and Purple
✅ INSTALLATION: Very simple installation and use. Plug the transmitter into your cigarette lighter, choose a blank FM frequency in your radio, tune the transmitter to the same frequency and pair your phone via the Bluetooth name "BT CAR".

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