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Ovegna U701 AAA Lithium-Ion Batteries (Non NiMH, Non-Alkaline) 600 mAh Rechargeable by Micro USB Input, 90 Minutes, 3000 Times, Charging Indicator, for Your Daily Needs Piles C : Ovegna U901 Green

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ENVIRONMENT: AAA non-alkaline, saline-free, non-Ni-Mh, lithium-ion batteries. Unlike conventional batteries, this battery guarantees a continuous output at 1.5 volts. Can be recharged 3000 times and replaces hundreds of alkaline batteries.
Effectiveness: no memory effect. No leak. 1.5V constant voltage output Convenient charging via USB connector with charging indicator.
Fast charging time is 90 min. The green LED light will tell you when the battery is fully charged. On the other hand, the red light indicates that the battery needs to be recharged.
ECONOMIC - No need for charging device. The battery itself is autonomous. With its micro USB input, it can be charged from your Smart TV, computer, at home, at the hotel or at work.

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